Tuesday, December 12, 2006

As an FYI

Check out the links! OhGizmo is for geeks like me: I love cool gadgets, widgets, etc. They will fill you in on the newest, latest, and craziest! Sometimes they don't even know what the gadget is for, they just know that they want one.

1st Ave. Machine has some very cool project: They are a CGI company, and they've done music videos, advertisements, and just some funky videos. My personal favorite is Sixes Last.

Alton Brown is my hero. I think if Indiana Jones were a cook, he'd be Alton Brown. Or, maybe if Chuck Norris were a cook?

Homestar Runner was introduced to me by Chris's younger brother John. I am a fan of Strongbad's emails, but you need to be a little twisted to like them. Personal favorite off the list (you'll find it under 'sbemail' when you open the web page) is 'dragon'(it's near the bottom of the list). If you don't like that one, you won't like anything else on the site.

Petfinder is a fantastic way of finding pets in your area that need adoption. My cats were abandoned by their owners at the age of 4 weeks. I was lucky enough to have them fall into my life. They're 9 years old now, and still as crazy as they've ever been!

The PDGA website: I'm just learning about how to play disk golf. I know, you throw the Frisbee, you get it in the basket, no big deal. Not quite, I've discovered! There are multiple disks you can use, drivers, putters, mid range... and they all curve one way or the other depending how you throw them. It's a great way to get outside, and there are soooooo many beautiful courses!
These were taken during a recent outing to Borderland State Park in Easton, MA. Chris and Bryan had some amazing tosses, but everyone was punished by the 900+ foot fairway (hole #2, if I remember correctly)!
As for Cook's Illustrated: you do have to pay to use the website, but you have access to anything and everything they've written. Great reviews of equipment and supplies, and well researched recipes. They try everything, even old wives' tales, to find the best method to cook any given dish. Highly recommend the magazine and the website.
Odds are good I'll add more links as I think of them, but I think this should keep you all busy for now!


Tom said...

Ya want good gadget links? Try Gizmodo (www.gizmodo.com), Lifehacker (www.lifehacker.com) and Engadget (www.engadget.com). Chris probably reads them religiously. Let your inner geek live!

Darcy said...

Supersweet! I will definitely add these on. I continue to be the student, Obi Geek. =)