Friday, December 15, 2006

Photo journal

I may have mentioned I love taking pictures. So, here are a few of the adventures we've taken this past year:

This is a picture from Joshua Tree. I have never seen this before, but at sunset, the clouds became rainbows. This is also one of the many reasons I carry a pocket tripod. Chris and I were driving back to our campsite when we saw what was happening. Apparently, the phenomenon happens when the clouds become ice crystals, and the refract the light into rainbows.

This is what Joshua Tree is all about: devilishly handsome men on rocks. Yes, I'm a little biased. Chris and I went out west for rock climbing. The entire park is littered with boulders like this one. Some of the rocks are stacked up, or signifigantly bigger, and it makes for amazing rock climbing. It also makes for some of the more harrowing decents I've ever had. Occassionally, getting off the rocks is more difficult that getting up them! This picture was taken right after Chris and I climbed a fun 5.8 called "Life's a bitch, then you marry one." I thought this would have been a terrific place to be proposed to, but he had other plans...

Just outside Joshua Tree National Park, the Country Kitchen is the perfect place to start your morning. Or perhaps completely wreck your morning by gorging on some of the best greasy spoon food you can find. There are only a handful of tables, and a tiny bar to sit at. The decor is... overwhelming. The highlight could be the fake aligator on the floor by the cashregister. This picture was taken as I'm crying out "BACON!"

The journey continued along to Red Rocks, NV. We met up with Bryan, Caroline and Ty for more adventuring.

This features some of the amazing rock scapes that occur in Red Rocks. Some of the rock errodes faster than other parts, creating these amazing pockest and caverns. This is Caroline showing that she could live quite happily in one of the larger "gnome condos".

I wanted to put these images side by side: If you look carefully on the left, there is a climber wearing a red shirt inside the arch. As a matter of prosective: that person is climbing in the rock formations to the right.... they've got a long way to go to get to the top!

Think that's all the blogging I have in me today. And we've only gotten through one trip in March!

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